Who are the potential buyers? What are their real needs? What is the market structure? Knowing this information allows the company to provide products and services with high added value.We help our clients to analyse the consumer decision-making processes and to gather key information to establish an effective marketing strategy.

Static Investigations: Porter and positioning matrices

Relying on the analysis of suppliers, customers, competitors, substitutes and potential entrants, we identify the strategic positioning of the company in its sector and its bargaining power compared to other operators’.

Dynamic studies: analysis of sectoral trends and forecast scenarios

Using quantitative analysis of the data, we forecast the possible market development scenarios, based on empirical regularities, economic laws and a good dose of experience, with a justifiable degree of reliability.We also rate the possible repositioning of the company in light of the dynamics of expectations.

SWOT Analysis

Whether the current positioning is maintained or should it be considered a strategic repositioning, a critical study of the company identifies the strengths and weaknesses as well as risks and opportunities arising from the future development of the market.


A company’s success also depends on the image you can bring to the market and customers.Participation in trade shows and conferences, organization of events or special initiatives are opportunities not to be underestimated in order to consolidate the brand and reputation of a company.Also the creation of effective press releases, brochures and eye-catching persuasive web content in multiple languages is essential to operate in international markets and consolidate the company’s position in its field.